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Midtjyllands Lufthavn

Midtjyllands Lufthavn offers a wide range of facilities for you who would like to hold a meeting or event with easy access and in an attractive setting.

N. O. Hansens Vej 4,
7470 Karup J

97 10 06 10

Karup Å Lodge

With its location by Hagebro, with all the legendary places where the large sea trout have been caught over time, Karup Å Lodge is the perfect starting point for you and your friends' angling days at Karup Å. The lodge is located on the "brink" of the river, and is equipped with all modern facilities.

Koldkurvej 13a,
7470 Viborg

22 22 11 15
Karup Å Lodge - Facebook
Put & Take

Fårbæk Put & Take

The approx. 1 barrel of land "Fårbæk Put & Take" lake is located in the scenic area Overfårbæk - between Hagebro and Karup. Here is thought of the whole family. Around the lake there are tables and benches. There is a toilet and shower, cleaning area with running water. Open all year from sunrise to sunset.

Put & Take, Rental of fishing tackle, Cleaning tables for fish, Toilet

Fårbækvej 20, Over Fårbæk
7540 Haderup

97 45 62 62
Fårbæk Put & Take

Skelhøje Købmandsgaard

"Skelhøje Købmandsgaard started on 21 June 2014 as a Registered Socio-Economic Company. We educate young people with special needs, and collaborate with Havredal Praktiske Uddannelser. We are otherwise a" regular "grocery store in the Min Købmand chain. Since the beginning, we have collaborated with Mac Y - Spirits with a go 'taste in the mouth! We still have about 100 of their specialty whiskey, rum and gin products on our shelves. Mac Y has developed a special product - a Hærvejsbitter - for the store, as we are located on Hærvejen. Visit the store and have a different experience. In the shop there is also a café where you can enjoy a hot drink and a cake. "

Volden 2, Skelhøje
7470 Karup


Skive Fjord Camping

Skive Fjord Camping is located with fantastic views of the Limfjord and only 3 km from the Karup Ås outlet. There are plenty of fantastic fishing spots nearby, making it the perfect base for a great weekend or holiday filled with fishing. At the same time, the campsite is only 4 km from the center of Skive with a pedestrian street and lots of good shops, and with lots of good and different experiences nearby to keep the rest of the family busy while fishing. Eg. one of Europe's only places with glass kayaks, VisionKayak (from the stand at the campsite, www.visionkayak.com), the world's largest limestone mine, Mønsted Kalkgruber, and Denmark's best preserved medieval castle, Spøttrup Borg. At the campsite there is a solar-heated pool with plenty of sunbeds, which like baths and WIFI are free to use. The campsite is completely landscaped in terraces, so there is plenty of light, air and space around you - and then everyone has a degree of view. Either over the Limfjord, the campsite, the forest, the fields and / or the surrounding Limfjord landscape. If you do not have your own caravan, tent or motorhome, there are four different types of cabins on the campsite. The cabins have been recently renovated and several of them even have panoramic views of the Limfjord. See you for your next fishing weekend or holiday!

Marienlyst Strand 15
7800 Skive

+45 97514455
Lower River Karup

Sdr. Boulevard Bridge

The Southern Boulevard Bridge crosses the River Karup at the heart of the city of Skive. There is a nice parking here.

Lower River Karup

Trandum Bridge

The Trandum Bridge crosses River Karup close to the Church of Trandum. Nice parking.

Lower River Karup

Vridsted Bridge

The Vridsted Bridge crosses River Karup at an old crossing right outside the town of Vridsted. Nice parking. There is a shelter and a grocery store close by.

This is the ‘frontier’ between The Middle and the Lower River Karup


The Hagebro Bridge crosses River Karup just next to the famous Hagebro Kro inn. There is a fine parking here. As well as the inn you’ll find accommodation, hot dog/barbecue stand and a gas station.

The Middle River Karup

Sønder-Resen Bridge

The Sønder-Resen Bridge crosses River Karup midway between the town of Sønder-Resen and the town of Fårbæk. There is a fine parking here.

The Middle River Karup

Høgild Bridge

The Høgild Bridge crosses River Karup near Høgild Mølle mill. Cars can be parked along the road.

This is the ‘frontier’ between The Upper and the Middle River Karup

Karup Bro

Attractions in the
River Karup area

There's much more to the River Karup area than just its beautiful scenery and huge sea trout.

For the visitor, there are plenty of exciting options to choose from, whether you’re interested in culture, history, shopping, or just want great walks in the nature.

Below we have put together a few suggestions to help your holiday planning and perhaps give you a few ideas.

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More information and inspiration for activities in the Upper River Karup area:

Upper River Karup

The area has a lot to offer you and your family – both when it comes to nature and cultural experiences. You are within easy reach of the cities of Herning and Viborg. Both offer good shopping, fishing shops, cafés and restaurants.

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Find inspiration for cultural and nature activities in the Lower River Karup area here:

Lower River Karup

The area has a lot to offer you and your family – both when it comes to nature and cultural experiences. You are within easy reach of the cities of Skive, Holstebro and Viborg. They all offer good shopping, fishing shops, cafés and restaurants.

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Other info

Links to more reading
about angling in River Karup

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