January 2018

Daylight fading, and big black spots.

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The season of 2016 was off to a good start, and the River Karup had already delivered a huge amount of nice fish. So on the 8th of July I decided to visit some of the beautiful stretches of water, in the areas of Vormstrup and Resen. Being an avid night angler, I was off […]


January 2018

Maybe tonight… maybe!

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I was alone on the stretch of river, and enjoyed a cup of coffee by the car while I inspected the silhouette on my new “Squidro” night fly, up against the sunset. It was, as always, a beautiful sight when the day’s last rays of light, really captures the sky.


January 2018

Karup River – One special morning

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Saturday October 1st I was woken by the sound of my phone. A glance confirmed my expectation. It was already 4.30 am. since I the day before had decided that I wanted to go fishing this Saturday morning. There were several reasons for choosing this day: I had an arrangement at “the red holiday cottage” around […]


January 2018

Guidelines for river fishing.

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There is a set of “unwritten rules” which should be taken into account when fishing the River Karup. It is important to be considerate of others and their fishing, and thereby making an effort to treat others along the river, as you yourself wish to be treated.


January 2018

Tips on “Catch and Release” in River Karup.

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It’s a well-known fact, that one of the subjects in modern day salmon- and sea trout fishing, that really divides anglers into groups of pros and cons, is whether you do, or even should practice “Catch and Release” (C/R) in a river system… or not? This debate is, not surprisingly, also present by the River […]


January 2018

The fish we do not catch.

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At last, it was time for another trip back to the river. I left my home in Kerteminde around 6pm and had promised my wife and the kids that I would return before my wife had to leave for work at 8am. It is going to be a tough trip.


January 2018

“Hooked” on River Karup.

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Being “hooked” for life… what does that mean to you? Here’s what it means to me 🙂


January 2018

Slow versus fast.

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In connection with the KÅS competition in 2010, I seriously began Fly-fishing. I started with copying other fly fishers’ techniques. The fishing was primarily during the night, and it was done completely traditionally: with a 45 degree throw toward the opposite bank, big black flies, occasional use of the nymph fly, 2 steps forward, and […]


January 2018

“Nieren”. A classic fly pattern from River Karup.

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The local anglers at the legendary River Karup, have through several decades supported a wide range of good and effective sea trout flies. Flies like Klods Hans, Torp, Resen, and especially the fly with the most distinctive name, Den Tropiske Gråspurv, has through my time as a sea trout angler been a great inspiration. However, […]


January 2018

Guided tour implied a catch.

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The season at River Karup has already started. It is summer, and the bright summer nights are back.It is the time that anglers gather at the banks of River Karup. All in the hope of catching a fresh sea trout.Reports in different medias of daily catching draws anglers from far and near and a friend […]
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