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Albæk bro

Great place, which is always highly sought after, especially at the premiere. Good opportunities to park right by the river. There is really good speed in the water here.

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Ringkøbing-Skjern Kulturcenter

We provide experiences for and for everyone. We offer everything from Fitness, handball, football, bowling, darts, concerts, lectures to rooms where you can hold your event.

Ranunkelvej 1,
6900 Skjern

97 35 45 00

Skjern BnB


Priser per dag per person Kr. 400,-/ 55 EUR excl. morgenmad Priser per dag 2 personer i dobbelt værelse Kr. 700,-/ 95 EUR excl. morgenmad Rabat 10% ved booking over 5 dage Alle priser er inklusiv opredning og håndklæder, kaffe og te Mulig tilkøb : Morgenmad per person kr. 200,- / 30 EUR Heste kr. 50 per dag excl. hø

Ånumvej 159
DK-6900 Skjern

Valerie Holeman, Manager
T: +45 24450589

Kirsten Dalgaard Ostersen
T: +45 22999909
Udvalg af fritidstøj og fiskegrej has a large selection of leisure clothes, fishing tackle and everything for outdoor life. Fishing license for Skjern Å for sale. Well-known brands such as Fjällräven, Pinewood, Salomon, Merrell, Shimano, Zpey, Scierra, Savage Gear etc.

Storegade 12
6880 Tarm

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Dag'li Brugsen i Borris

Borgergade 13,
6900 Skjern

Fishing Stay


We offer a unique setting for your angling holiday at Skjern Å. If you want a holiday that is in good harmony with nature, wildlife and at the same time wants to live comfortably, Skarrildhus is the place for you. The scenic, protected surroundings right down to Skjern A help to make Skarrildhus one of the country's most beautiful resorts. Just outside the door we have our own fishing water with a stretch of approx. 5 km by Skjern Å, where you can fish for salmon, brown trout and stallion.

Sønder Ommevej 4
6933 Kibæk

Skarrildhus website

Stauning whisky

Stauningvej 38,
6900 Skjern

20861676 / 28770600
River Skjern is long and there is a big difference between the top and bottom of the river.

River Skjern zone 2

River Skjern grows bigger after the junction with River Karstoft. It is from 6 up to 12 meters wide. The landscape is still hilly and the small forests are replaced by open fields. The river wriggle like an eel, and the flow is quick. Short fly rods, 11-13 feet, fit well here.

River Skjern is long and there is a big difference between the top and bottom of the river.

River Skjern zone 1

This is the upper part of River Skjern. The stretch begins at Arnborg at a place called “The Confusion”. It ends where River Karstoft joins the River Skjern – between Skarrild and Sdr. Felding. The river meanders through a landscape alternating between moorland and forest. The river is quite narrow, no more than 4-8 meters wide. The current is fast and solid soil structures (hardpan) on the bottom create varied currents. Short fly rods and short shooting heads fit perfectly here. The fishing pressure is moderate leaving plenty of room for exploring large areas. Even with stormy weather from the west, it is possible to find places with shelter up here thanks to the hilly landscape and the winding path of the river.

River Skjern is long and there is a big difference between the top and bottom of the river.

River Skjern zone 3

Just before the town of Borris, River Vorgod, a major tributary, meets River Skjern. Downstream of the junction, the river grows to a width of 10-20 meters. The stretch upstream from the road bridge at Borriskrog contains some of the deepest parts of the entire river. Here heavy sink fly lines are required during the spring fishing. Downstream the bridge, the landscape changes character. The hilly landscape is replaced by a more flat and open one. Here there is little shelter when the west wind blows. The windy conditions and the size of the river call for fly rods from 12 to 14 feet in length.

River Skjern is long and there is a big difference between the top and bottom of the river.

River Skjern zone 4

Three kilometers downstream of Albæk Bridge, River Omme meets River Skjern. The additional water from this major tributary makes River Skjern grow to a width of 20-30 meters. Here, even a 14-foot long fly rod suddenly looks small. Many salmon are caught in this lower part of the river, and the stretch attracts many anglers. On the map above you can see the fishing spots mentioned in the descriptions of the individual zones. Use the River Skjern map to get an overview of all the pools and fishing spots in River Skjern.



Situated a couple of fly casts from the River Skjern, this fisherman's information and knowledge centre aims at servicing both Danish and foreign anglers.

Here you can buy fishing licenses, arrange guiding, and get information about accommodation.

The House of the Salmon will be happy to help you get started with fishing in River Skjern. The employees are salmon anglers themselves and are eager to help and share their knowledge about fishing spots, tackle, and up to date info about the river and the fishing.

There is a casting pond right outside the door for you to try demo rods from different retailers. All rods are all set up with reels, lines, and leaders that are suited perfectly to the local fishing. In the cozy and relaxed atmosphere of the house you can have a cup of coffee and enjoy a break reading angling magazines and books.

Or get inspired by following, on the big screen on the wall, takes and fights, all filmed by keen anglers.

The House of the Salmon Opening hours from April 16th to October 15th


10.00 - 13.30


10.00 - 13.30


10.00 - 13.30


10.00 - 13.30


10.00 - 13.30


10.00 - 13.30


10.00 - 13.30

Contact The House of The Salmon

Kenny Frost - Laksens Hus
+45 26 27 52 93

Laksens Hus
Ånumvej 161b
6900 Skjern - DK

Contact The House of The Salmon

Kenny Frost - Laksens Hus
+45 26 27 52 93

Laksens Hus
Ånumvej 161b
6900 Skjern - DK

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